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ON THE RECORD: Rep. Darin LaHood talks presidential election, stimulus package (11/23)

U.S. economy faces severe strains after election with Washington potentially paralyzed (11/2)

The pandemic has left the private bus sector in crisis (11/2)

North Carolina motorcoach industry hit hard by coronavirus pandemic (10/28)

Local bus tour company talks about business during COVID and what help they need (10/28)

Travel agencies trying to weather COVID-19 (10/25)

80,000 furloughed as bus industry grinds to a halt (10/24)

‘Have to laugh to keep from crying’: Business owner struggling amid pandemic (video) (10/24)

Bus Associations Grow Frustrated by Lack of Action on CERTS Act (10/23)

Congressman Tim Ryan Pushes for Relief for the Ailing Motorcoach Industry (10/19)

Local bus companies forgotten during Coronavirus pandemic (10/17)

Politicians Need Buses, But Congress Has Left Us Stalled (video) (10/14)

Hagey Coach and Tours Announces Closure (10/13)

Peoria Charter facing closure without state or federal help (10/9)

School Buses, Drivers Assist Oregon Fire Rescue Efforts (10/7)


The pandemic is hurting tourism | COMMENTARY (10/3)

Plymouth & Brockton bus company still not running despite federal aid (9/24)

New Hampshire senators seek funding for bus, ferry operators (9/23)

Motorcoaches Move America We Need Financial Relief Now! (Video) (9/23)

Motorcoach Industry Asks Congress to Give Financial Assistance to Industries that Have Yet to be Helped (9/22)

Motorcoach Industry Desperate for Aid (9/21)

Motorcoach industry ‘on the brink of not making it’ (9/18)

Business bouncing back for Badger Bus; industry in need of help (9/16)

Pandemic creating existential crisis for nation’s bus industry (9/16)

With no aid in sight, motor coach industry predicts abyss (9/16)

ABA President Pens Moving Message After Stimulus Bill Fails…Again (9/15)

Saving the Private Bus and Motorcoach Industry (9/15)

Family Owned Charter Bus Company in OC Could Go Out of Business After 31 Years (9/13)

Without a federal bailout, motorcoach industry could collapse (9/10)

Business owners unsure what to expect for fall season tourism (9/8)

The Importance of the Motorcoach Industry (9/8)

CERTS Act offers $10B for motorcoach biz, ‘feeling the (pandemic) pain’ (9/8)

PA Bus Association supports Congress’s efforts to help buses | Opinion (9/4)

All-Ways Charter Bus owner says business won’t last until 2021 without aid (9/2)

Sen. Blumenthal calls for financial help for bus, motor coach industry (9/2)

CT Motorcoach Companies Pleading for Federal Financial Support (9/2)

Stretched thin by pandemic, motorcoach company sends buses, drivers south for Laura evacuation (9/1)

Bus lines left behind by pandemic stimulus (8/21)

Bus Firms Fold as Pleas for Aid Go Unanswered, Stranding Needy (8/20)

Maine’s charter bus companies say they are on verge of collapse (8/19)

Valley charter bus companies still struggling amid pandemic (8/19)

Orlando’s Mears Transportation lays off dozens of workers (8/18)

US senators propose $10 billion in coronavirus relief funds for motorcoach industry (8/12)

Former Murphy campaign manager implores governor to help DeCamp, private bus companies

NJ: Private N.J. bus company halts service, slashes jobs. ‘No one was traveling.’ (8/7)

DeCamp Bus Service Suspends All Service Due to Coronavirus (8/6)

Concord Coach Lines to restart Maine-Boston bus service in mid-August (8/6)

Susquehanna Trailways struggling, waiting to get back to business (8/5)

Pa. Bus Assn. supports federal CERTS Act (8/4)

Motorcoach industry looks to Congress to keep buses on the road as pandemic wipes out travel demand  (8/3)

Bus industry lobbies for billions in next coronavirus stimulus package (8/3)

Tillis supports transportation service providers during pandemic (8/1)

Motorcoach industry facing uncertain future without financial help from government (7/30)

Coach USA announces Cleveland-based Lakefront Lines is ceasing operations by September, 2020 (7/30)

Legislative Panel Recommends $7.5M for Private Bus Companies (7/29)


Motorcoach Industry Seeks Federal Aid to Mitigate Losses (7/27)

‘The Forgotten Industry’: Westminster Business Calls on Congress to Provide COVID-19 Relief to Bus Companies  (7/25)


Small Kalamazoo bus company looks for path through huge economic issues (7/23)

ABA Women in Buses Council and BUSRide Magazine Create eBook Letters to Congress (7/20)

Coach USA announces Cleveland-based Lakefront Lines is ceasing operations (7/16)

Sen. Dick Durbin backs more stimulus aid, extending unemployment benefits (7/16)

Rep. Darin LaHood introduces relief bill for transportation providers (7/16)

Layoffs Return To Peoria Charter Coach As PPP Money Runs Out (7/16)

Peoria Charter Coach asks for relief (7/15)

Local bus company stagnated by coronavirus hopes to soon restart service (7/15)

Bus company lays off 95% of workforce due to financial impact of pandemic (7/15)

Buses need a bailout from coronavirus pandemic costs, Sen. Collins says (7/14)

Sens. Reed, Collins introduce bill to save bus, passenger ferry industries (7/14)

Associations Support Bills for Motorcoach Aid, Automatic PPP Forgiveness (7/14)

Collins introduces bipartisan bill to support transportation industries impacted by pandemic (7/14)

At a Standstill: Coach Bus Companies Struggle Through Pandemic (7/14)

Transportation Associations Come Together to Urge Congress to Support CERTS Act (7/13)

Buses need a bailout from pandemic costs, senators say (7/13)

Bus Industry, Reeling from Pandemic, Pleads for Help from Congress (7/13)

America’s 3,000 bus companies make appeal for economic relief amid pandemic (7/11)

Senators Introduce the CERTS Act for the Bus Industry (7/7)

DOT Secretary Elaine Chao Thanks the Motorcoach Industry for Moving America (7/7)

Motorcoach Industry on Track to Receive Major Economic Relief (7/6)

As COVID-19 Slows Down Bus Industry, Sens. Reed, Collins Introduce Bill to Help Save Jobs, Essential Transportation Link (7/3)

Local Spotlight: COVID-19 Inflicts Suffering on Fullington Auto Bus Company (7/2)

Ramping Up Recovery for the Motocoach Industry (7/1)

Senators Working with Motorcoach, School Bus Industries on Coronavirus Economic Relief Bill (6/30)

Intercity bus companies are struggling financially, but service is slowly resuming (6/29)

Another expected casualty of Covid-19: foliage bus tours (6/29)

Bus Company Transports Critical NYC Medical Personnel During COVID-19 Pandemic (6/27)

Cleveland-based Great Day! Tours dipping a toe back in group-bus travel after coronavirus shutdown  (6/26)

Dattco announces bus safety measures for riders (6/23)

ABA Publishes Sample Policies for Industry for Post-Pandemic Cleanliness and Safety ProtocolsABA Releases Cleaning Protocols, Continues Request for Federal Aid (6/22)

New ABA Foundation Report Estimates Industry Losing $11 Billion Despite Easing Travel Restrictions

GETTING THERE: Bad news for bus operators (6/21)

Hit by Pandemic, Motorcoach Industry Says It Needs CCP Virus Relief Funds (6/19)

Struggling private bus company employees feel left behind by federal aid (6/18)

Motor coach firms complain federal bailout threw them under the bus (6/17)

Local charter bus owners rally around the Capitol, asking for help (6/17)

Motorcoach companies rally around the Capitol to send a message that they need help (6/17)

Virus slams the brakes on motorcoach industry (6/17)

Peoria Charter joins Illinois bus companies for Springfield demonstration (6/17)

Motor Coach Industry Asking For Coronavirus Relief Funds (6/17)

Long road to recovery for B.C. trucking, bus charter companies (6/17)

Missouri charter bus drivers hold Rolling Rally at State Capitol (6/17)

Charter, coach buses rally at capitol (6/17)

Charter buses look for help from Springfield (6/16)

Coronavirus brings tour bus industry to a halt, costing companies millions (6/15)

Assessing the Possible Impact of COVID-19 on Large Motorcoach Tours (6/11)

Motorcoach industry needs federal aid to keep moving (6/5)

NFI Parts™ Releases Guide to Help Keep Customers Moving (5/28)

‘We’re optimistic for a comeback’: Luxury bus service Vonlane to restart routes this week (5/27)

Why Carroll’s Windstar, other charter-bus companies deserve federal coronavirus relief (5/27)

Glendale tour bus company hit hard by coronavirus pandemic calls for more government help (5/26)

Underappreciated and overlooked motorcoach industry will drive Tennessee past COVID-19 | Opinion (5/22)

Private shuttle services used to be a popular way to go to NYC and even Fla. Will they survive the pandemic? (5/22)

Relief for Windstar ‘on the table,’ Grassley tells CADC (5/22)

Fullington Joins Rally to Ask for More Assistance (5/21)

ABA Thanks Congressional COVID Support of the Industry (5/21)

Travel Industry Leaders Implore Vice President for Aid During Tourism Roundtable (5/21)

Charter bus lines say without federal bailout money, they’ll be on a road to ruin (5/20)

Charter companies struggle with pandemic forcing buses off roads (5/20)

Charter companies struggle with pandemic forcing buses off roads (5/20)

The Motor Coach industry fighting for survival (5/20)

Frank Sherman of TMS talks to Vice President Mike Pence about the motorcoach industry and how we need help (5/20)

Sisters represent California’s oldest motorcoach company at historic rally (5/20)

Virus-sapped bus lines see road to ruin without federal help (5/20)

Motorcoach industry stuck in park (5/20)

Motorcoach Services Group Begins Selling Electrostatic Sprayers (5/19)

Transportation providers focused on the relief bill parade (5/18)

ABA Thanks and Praises Congressional Supporters Committed to Helping the Motorcoach Industry Survive COVID-19 Pandemic (5/18)

Premier Transportation: The Story of an Industry (Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness) (5/18)

Peroria Charter Coach Vlog on Participating in the Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness Rally (5/18)

Sunshine Tours joins Rolling for Awareness (5/18)

Area motorcoach companies focus attention on the industry during D.C. rally (5/17)

Sacramento Bus Company Joins In Solidarity To Bring Awareness For Needed Relief For Motorcoach Industry (5/17)

Town Talk: A conversation with Brian Sours, Richards Bus Lines (5/16)

Prevost Joins Hundreds of Coaches in D.C. Rally (5/15)

Coach Operators Are Heard During D.C. Awareness Rally (5/15)

Over 1,000 buses roll through Washington D.C. seeking economic relief (5/14)

Belgische touringcarondernemers organiseerden e-demonstratie; Amerikaanse touringcars rolden demonstratief door Washington DC (5/14)


Bus operators, who say they were left out, are calling for emergency federal funding (5/14)

Deep Dive: The Mayor’s ‘Surface Transportation’ Panel is Heavy on Car Interests (5/14)

Local motorcoach firm takes part in industry rally (5/14)

Morrisville bus company joins D.C. rally (5/14)

North Central Florida bus drivers met in Washington D.C. to ask for help during the pandemic (5/14)

Virus Took $6M Toll on Anderson Coach – and that’s Just the Start (5/14)

Cientos de conductores de autobuses de turismo exigen al gobierno ayuda económica en medio de la pandemia (5/14)

Everyday Heroes: Bus Drivers (5/13)

Motorcoach drivers roll into DC to demand federal coronavirus relief funds (5/13)

Lubbock charter bus company joins rally in Washington (5/13)

Bradford Travel joins ‘rolling rally’ in D.C. (5/13)

Roanoke bus company joins hundreds to campaign for $15 billion from Congress (5/13)

Over 1,000 buses roll through Washington DC seeking economic relief (5/13)

Local motor coach company joins thousands in rally at nation’s capital (5/13)

Elite Coach DC Motorcoach Rally (5/13)

Hundreds of motorcoaches head to DC to raise awareness of financial loss amid COVID-19 (5/13)

Hundreds of Buses Deluge Washington, Drivers Calling for Help for Sector (5/13)

Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness across the country (5/13)

A-1 Limousine and Triangle Tours participate in Washington, DC rally (5.13)

Motorcoaches Head to Washington D.C. to Rally in Support of the Bus Industry (5/13)

Bus operators, who say they were left out, are calling for emergency federal funding. (5/13)

Portland motorcoach company joins ‘rolling rally’ in D.C. to ask for federal help during pandemic (5/13)

Cranston small business owner drives 800 miles for awareness (5/13)

Baltimore bus service owner one of hundreds of motorcoach operators rallying in D.C. on Wednesday as industry seeks coronavirus aid (5/13)

Local bus transportation companies headed to White House for ‘Buses Move America’ rally (5/13)

Fullington Trailways participating in motorcade demonstration in D.C. (5/13)

Mid-American Coaches To Join ‘Rolling Rally’ (5/13)

Locals take motorcoach to D.C. to send a message (5/13)

Rolling for Awareness (5/13)

Bradford Travel joins ‘rolling rally’ in D.C. (5/13)

American Bus Companies Hold Rolling Rally in Washington, Call for $15 Billion Bailout (5/13)

Trans-Bridge joins 100s of buses in rolling rally for federal aid in Washington, D.C. (5/13)

With Industry Hurt by Virus, Anderson Coach Rolls into D.C. (5/13)

Asheville charter bus company participating in national rally in Washington, DC (5/13)

Bus companies stage ‘rolling rally’ to call for bailout (5/13)

Hundreds of out-of-work bus drivers are descending upon Washington, D.C. to demand a bailout (5/13)

CEO DATELINE – Buses rally at nation’s capital for federal aid (5/13)

Two Lancaster County bus companies among those part of funding rally in Washington, D.C. Wednesday (5/13)


Local motor coach company joins thousands in rally at nation’s capital (5/13)

Area motorcoach company joins national rally (5/13)

Motor coach industry takes financial hit (5/13)


Roanoke charter bus operators head to DC to rally for support (5/13)

Bollman joins charter bus rally in Washington (5/13)

ABA Thanks House for Helping the Industry, But More Needs to be Done  (5/13)

ABA Thanks House for Helping the Industry, But More Needs to be Done (5/12)

Photos: From Washington to Washington, motorcoaches roll for rally to get back on the road (5/12)

Employees, motor-coach drivers head to Washington to rally for federal aid (5/12)

Local bus operators plan to participate in Washington rally (5/12)

Rolling for Awareness: Motorcoach operators prepare for rally in Washington D.C. to ask for funding during COVID-19 crisis (5/12)

Polynesian Adventure Joins “Rolling Rally” at US Capitol on Wednesday (5/12)

North Carolina Transportation Company Participates in Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness Rally (5/12)

Buses heading to motorcoach rally in Washington (5/12)

Local biz among charter companies planning to rally for federal help in D.C. on Wednesday (5/12)

Bus drivers from across the country headed to Washington, D.C. to rally for stimulus money (5/12)

Stafford-based business sending bus to D.C. protest (5/12)

Driving the message: Bus firms need help (5/12)

Milan bus company to represent Michigan in Washington ‘rolling rally’ (5/12)

Bus companies join rolling rally in nation’s capital Wednesday  (5/12)

Charter bus industry: Don’t leave us behind(5/12)

Florida motorcoach operators head to Capitol Hill in quest of billions for industry relief amid pandemic  (5/12)

Confident of survival, Trans-Bridge bus service peers into an uncertain future after coronavirus (5/12)

Local bus operators plan to participate in Washington rally (5/12)

Florida Bus Companies Drive to Washington to Have Voices heard (5/12)

Local drivers roll to D.C. to remind Congress of motorcoach industry’s coronavirus-fueled plight (5/12)

Footprint Tours to support Rolling for Awareness campaign (5/12)

Cape Destinations to participate in Wednesday’s MotorcoachesRolling for Awareness in DC (5/12)

Maine coach drivers to join national rally for more coronavirus funding (5/12)

Maine bus companies travel to Washington D.C. to join rolling rally (5/12)

Pensacola motor coach company heading to D.C. to rally for federal assistance (5/12)

Tour bus industry sitting idle during COVID-19 shutdown (5/12)

Knoxville bus company heads to DC for “rolling rally” (5/12)

Bus companies, including Peter Pan, Lizak plan rally in Washington saying they’re left out of coronavirus relief programs (5/12)

Knoxville bus company heads to DC for “rolling rally”(5/12)

Princeton motorcoach companies to join rally in Washington, D.C. on May 13 (5/12)

ROLLING RALLY: New Orleans Motor Coach Drivers are Hauling it to Capitol Hill (5/11)

Bus Rally out of Rosemont: Fox Channel (5/11)

Bus Rally out of Rosemont: ABC Channel (5/11)

Motorcoach businesses set to rally in U.S. capitol this Wednesday (5/11)

Bus Rally out of Rosemont: WGN Channel 9 (5/11)

School’s out, and so are businesses: Bus operators and popular venues took a hit when the pandemic forced the cancellation of proms and class trips (5/11)

Minnesota motorcoach line operators say they’re essential, too (5/11)

Bus industry plans 10 mile rolling rally through Washington (5/11)

Spartanburg tour bus company headed to White House to demand funding (5/11)

Devastated’ motorcoach industry, including IL company, to rally in D.C. (5/11)

Bemidji Bus Line Brings Awareness to Staggering Halt Due to COVID-19 (5/11)

Battered by COVID-19, Carroll’s Windstar takes case to DC (5/11)

Motorcoach industry asks Congress to get on the bus (5/11)

‘Devastated’ motorcoach industry, including IL company, to rally in D.C. (5/11)

A Gainesville bus & limousine company will be apart of a demonstration in D.C. (5/11)

Local motorcoach company headed to Washington, D.C. for ‘rolling rally’ (5/11)

“Rolling for Awareness” Rally: Local charter bus company heads to Washington D.C. (5/11)

Visit Hagerstown to join bus group’s rolling rally (5/11)

Tallahassee Bus Company Joins National Push for COVID-19 Relief Funds (5/11)

Area coach companies headed to national rally, say government “missed the bus” (5/11)

Tuscaloosa Charter Services joins caravan of buses in DC for more funding (5/11)

DATTCO, Inc. joins others from motorcoach industry for “Rolling Rally” in Washington D.C.(5/11)

‘We Need Direct Assistance from the Government or We Can’t Survive as an Industry’ (5/11)

Industry plans to roll 400 buses through DC to call for relief (5/11)

Klein Transportation won’t reopen without permission from Gov. Wolf, company official says (5/11)

Industry plans to roll 400 buses through DC to call for relief (5/11)

The Motorcoach Industry Serves a Critical Role in Emergency Planning (5/11)

Coronavirus is decimating the bus industry, Minnesota bus companies will be ‘Rolling for Awareness’ (5/11)

Charter bus operators travel to Washington, D.C. to rally for support (5/11)

‘Devastated’ motorcoach industry, including IL company, to rally in D.C. (5/11)

No proms. No weddings. No high-flying execs — and no need for limos during a pandemic (5/11)

SWFL motorcoach drivers want some help, so they’re taking their message to Washington D.C. (5/11)

Local Transportation Companies To Join Motorcoach Rally In Washington, D.C. (5/11)

Huntsville bus company to join rally fighting for motorcoach federal funding (5/11)

Moweaqua motorcoach company to lobby Congress for financial help (5/10)

Motorcoach Companies Caravaning Across American To Save Industry And Jobs (5/10)

Business in brief: Motorcoaches to rally in D.C. (5/10)

Detroit Lakes motorcoach headed to rolling rally in Washington (5/10)

Klein Transportation, Trans-Bridge Lines join ‘rolling rally’ in Washington (5/9)

Motorcoach industry needs federal aid to keep rolling (5/8)

Peoria Charter Coach owner issues plea for help surviving COVID-19 shutdown (5/8)

Peoria Charter will join motorcoach rally in DC pushing for more federal aid (5/8)

Peoria Charter taking part in DC rally to push for aid for motorcoach industry (5/8)

Peoria Charter Coach joining rally in Washington D.C. to look for more funding (5/8)

CheckerBus to join motorcoach ‘Rolling Rally’ in Washington DC Wednesday (5/8)

America’s Motorcoach Industry Descends on Washington, “Rolling Rally” around National Mall, U.S. Capitol (5/8)

Treating COVID-19 patients in Northeast unlike anything Vero Beach nurses have seen | Opinion (5/8)

Cape Destinations Joining Motorcoach Demonstration in D.C. (5/8)

Hawkeye Stages joins America’s motorcoach industry for ‘rolling rally’ in Washington, D.C. Wednesday (5/8)

Motorcoach Companies Protesting in Washington Next Week (5/8)

Motorcoach industry needs federal aid to keep rolling (5/8)

Motorcoach industry struggles, seeks $15B in federal aid (5/8)

Charter bus industry prepares for Washington D.C. demonstration for more emergency funding (5/7)

Hit Hard by Coronavirus, Alabama Charter Bus Industry Seeks Emergency Funding from Washington(5/7)

Northern Michigan charter bus company to ask Congress for COVID-19 relief (5/7)

America’s Motorcoach Industry Descends on Washington (5/7)

America’s Motorcoach Industry to Descend on DC for Rolling Rally around the National Mall and U.S. Capitol, May 13 (5/7)

Kobussen Motorcoach will join Rolling for Awareness campaign at U.S. Capitol (5/7)

Coronavirus In Minnesota: With Motorcoaches Sitting Idle, Owners Look For Federal Help To Get Rolling Again (5/7)

Charter bus company to take part in rally caravan (5/6)

Devastated by COVID-19, motorcoach industry plans convoy to the District of Columbia (5/6)

Bipartisan senators call for Treasury to help struggling bus industry (5/6)

COVID-19 will devastate motorcoach industry and have a huge impact on Maine’s economy (5/6)

Coronavirus In Minnesota: With Motorcoaches Sitting Idle, Owners Look For Federal Help To Get Rolling Again (5/6)

Sens. Collins, Reed Call for Critical Support for Bus and Motorcoach Industry Amid COVID-19 (5/6)

Charter Bus Company to Take Part in Rally Caravan (5/6)

With motorcoach buses sitting idle, local owners urge Congress to send relief (5/6)

Infrastructure Policy Flickers in Senate’s Return to Action (5/4)

We Need a 2020 “New Deal” Public Works Program (5/4)

Motorcoach industry hit hard by Coronavirus pandemic (5/3)

New business will go into your home, car or business and spray everything down to kill viruses (5/1)

Bus Industry Seeks More Recovery Relief (5/1)

American Bus Industry Could Lose Billions of Dollars, Thousands of Jobs Amid Shutdowns (4/30)

Motorcoach industry seeks federal help with projected losses of $14 billion, 82,000 jobs (4/30)

Rural, intercity bus companies hit hard by pandemic (4/30)

Vandalia Bus Lines employees help in St. Louis region during coronavirus (4/30)

Don’t leave buses stranded (4/30)

GNJMA calls for COVID-19 relief for motorcoach, tour and travel industry (4/29)

From bus companies to distillers, these industries are asking Washington for coronavirus aid (4/29)

Coronavirus Sends Tourism Industry into Freefall (4/29)

Coach bus companies devastated by pandemic (4/28)

Lamers Fearful of Losing Drivers during Pandemic without Government Assistance (4/28)

Coach bus companies devastated by pandemic (4/28)

Roll Call: Bus companies want in on the recovery largesse (4/28)

Congress misses bus on motorcoach relief (4/28)

NarroWay Productions Builds Sets For Upcoming Show Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (4/28)

Letter to the Editor: D.C.-area motorcoach industry calls for support (4/27)

As COVID-19 lingers, motorcoach industry seeing devastating losses, report (4/27)

Iconic Asheville company optimistic about future despite COVID-19 pandemic (4/27)

Peter Pan looks to new procedures once buses start rolling again (4/26)

Coronavirus pandemic stops motorcoach industry in its tracks (4/26)

Democrats urge U.S. to provide at least $5 billion in loans to bus industry (4/24)

Letter to the Editor: Motorcoach industry decimated, yet left out of federal aid package (4/24)

ABA Requests Specific Loans and Grants for Motorcoach Industry (4/24)

National motorcoach rally planned to raise awareness of industry’s essential role (4/24)

The American Bus Association (ABA) Says Adding Funds to Small-Business Administration Program is Not Enough (4/24)

ABC Companies introduces CLEANS sanitization, disinfection & contact limitation products for post-COVID 19 operations (4/23)

Motorcoach industry feels forgotten amid federal bailouts (4/23)

Transit Bus and Motorcoach Populations and Fleet Metrics (4/23)

Busworld Academy COVID-19 webinar discusses situation of bus & coach operators globally (4/23)

Motorcoach industry faces collapse without help, says charter bus operator in Alabama (4/23)

Burlington Trailways navigates bumpy road during coronavirus outbreak (4/23)

Arrow Stage Lines, other motorcoach companies, looking to Congress for help (4/22)

COVID-19 ravages Florida bus industry. Government must save it. | Opinion (4/22)

Readers’ Forum, April 22, 2020: Motorcoach industry needs federal support

COVID-19 throws Anderson Travel under the bus (4/21)

Greyhound Launches Rides for Responders Program to Support Frontline Heroes During COVID-19 (4/21)

Martz Group gets recognized for outstanding cleaning process (4/21)

Pandemic crashes charter bus industry (4/21)

Better in Boston (4/21)

Delaware motorcoach industry needs assistance (4/20)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Georgia motorcoach industry urging Congress’ inclusion in stimulus package (4/20)

Local Coronavirus News Charter bus industry struggling financially with travel halted Emily Hamilton 11:07 AM, Apr 20, 2020 (4/20)

ABA Convenes Industry Recovery Task Force (4/20)

Cape Chamber, Bus Association Hold Virtual Meeting (4/19)

Is the bus half empty or half full? (4/18)

American Bus Task Force Launched for COVID-19 Recovery (4/18)

Virus slams brakes on bus travel industry (4/18)

Area tourism industry hard hit by coronavirus, shutdown(4/17)

Even with coronavirus stimulus, Lehigh Valley tourism, transportation struggle to make ends meet (4/17)

Thomas Morgan, Jr.: Drivers need help (4/17)

Ohio Motorcoach Association Formed to Help Save Industry (4/17)

Op-ed: California motorcoach industry decimated by COVID-19 (4/16)

‘We’re stressed’: Anderson motorcoach company lays off nearly all employees (4/16)

Motor coach industry struggles during COVID-19 crisis  (4/16)

Good deed draws attention to plight of Escot Bus Lines, industry (4/13)

PA: Trans-Bridge lays off 119 employees, calls for coronavirus stimulus funding (4/13)

Pennsylvania Bus Association letter to Congress on stimulus (4/13)

ABA Launches Website to Educate Congress, Urge Industry Relief (4/10)

ABC Companies shares “What Moves You” video to support motorcoach industry (4/6)

Transport Topics Radio – 24/7 Customs Broker News (4/3)

ABA President: Congress missed the bus (4/2)

ABA Applauds CARES Act, Urges Work Left to Do (3/31)

Burlington Trailways fearing the worst without stimulus (3/31)

Coronavirus News: Long Island school bus company lays off 900 workers (3/31)

ABA Applauds the Congress on Relief, but They Missed the Bus (3/30)

Stimulus Package By the Numbers (3/26)

King Ward bus company lays off 50 workers amid coronavirus pandemic (3/26)

Coronavirus robs bus companies of commuters, forcing shutdown and severing links to New York, Philadelphia (3/25)

Concord Coach Lines to stop all bus service beginning Saturday (3/25)

COVID-19: Impacts to Transportation & Logistics (3/25)

The coronavirus destroyed my business gradually, then suddenly (3/24)

Bus industry ‘decimated’ by coronavirus (3/24)

Associations Unite to Seek $12 Billion for Industry (3/24)

House Leaders Call for Commerce Grants Amid Crisis (3/23)

How Far Will U.S. Government Relief Reach to Save the Travel Industry? (3/23)

School Bus Industry Group Demands Continued Payments or $2.8 Billion (3/22)

COVID-19 puts brakes on motorcoach industry (3/21)

Pandemic causes sharp drop in Maine’s interstate air, rail and bus travel (3/20)

A Message from ABA President Peter Pantuso – We Need Your Help (3/20)

Ground Transportation Industry Grinds To A Halt, Needs Relief (3/20)

Insider Travel Report (3/20)

Commercial cleaners in demand (3/20)

Travel Industry Leaders Discuss Issues, COVID-19 Relief in DC (3/20)

MCI shares letter with customers during COVID-19 crisis (3/19)

ABA and UMA call on Congress to act immediately on industry relief (3/19)

Trump signs coronavirus relief bill hours after Senate approves measure (3/18)

Motorcoach industry losses could hit $8 billion (3/18)

Iowa leaders awaiting federal help for coronavirus-impacted businesses, workers (3/17)

Planes, trains and motorcoaches seek bailouts as virus hammers demand (3/17)

White House sees $50 billion for airlines, support for Boeing – Roll Call (3/17)

Hard-Hit Transit Asks Congress for $12.9B in Emergency Funds (3/17)

ABA Statement: Don’t Ignore a Major Strategic Part of the Transportation Industry (3/16)

The Motorcoach, Group Travel and Tourism Industry Needs Help (3/16)

Michigan Flyer-AirRide suspends bus services to Detroit Metro Airport (3/16)

Bus service to NYC slashed as Lehigh Valley continues to grapple with coronavirus (3/14)

Shuttle companies face cancellations amid outbreak (3/13)

ABA site advises Coronavirus best practices (3/11)

Travel Coalition Asks U.S. to State Travel is Safe for Healthy Americans (3/11)

Travel Agents and Experts Agree: Make Fact-Based Decisions About Travel (3/10)


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