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In addition to the below actions taken by ABA during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ABA Foundation is the research arm of the industry. Here you can find research on the impact of the motorcoach, group travel and tourism industry on the United States.


ABA Sends Letter to President Trump Urging Help for Group Travel and Tourism Industry (3/10)
ABA Sends Letter to Congress Urging Help for the Group Travel and Tourism Industry (3/10)
Travel Leaders Echo Experts: Make Fact-Based Decisions About Traveling (3/10)
ABA Testimony for the Record to the Small Business Committee Hearing about the Effect of COVID-19 on Businesses (3/11)
ABA Holds Conference Call/Webinar on COVID-19 and the Effect on the Motorcoach, Group Travel and Tourism Industry (slides) (3/11)
View the Recording of the ABA Webinar (3/11)
Peter Pantuso’s Letter to ABA Members: We are Here for You (3/13)
ABA Statement: Don’t Ignore a Major Strategic Part of the Transportation Industry (3/16)
ABA Says Industry Will Lose $8 Billion during Next Five Months (3/17)
ABA Joins Essential Services Community’s Call Protect Businesses to Continue Operations (3/18)
ABA and UMA Join Together to Call on Congress to Act Immediately (3/18)
ABA Meets with 10 Industry Associations to Call on Congress for Action (3/19)
Springtime Looks Different This Year in DC (3/19)
When Disaster Strikes There May be No One Left to Help (3/22)
ABA-UMA White Paper on the Motorcoach Industry (3/22)
The Startling Economic Facts about the Motorcoach, Group Tour and Travel Industry (3/23)
ABA Applauds Trump Administration for Delaying Real ID Deadline (3/24)
ABA Hold All-Member Call Regarding Congressional Actions on COVID-19 (3/25)
View the Recording of ABA’s Webinar on Congressional Actions on COVID-19 (3/25)
ABA Applauds Congress on Relief, but They Missed the Bus (3/27)
ABA Letter to Governors Asking for Help in Getting Industry Economic Relief  (4/2)
ABA-UMA State Association Leadership Conference Call (4/14)
ABA All-Member Call Regarding Association Actions on Capitol Hill (4/15)
Recording of ABA All-Member Call Regarding Association Actions on Capitol Hill (4/15)
Reps. Neal, DeFazio Urge Trump Administration to Support Motorcoach Industry amid COVID-19 Crisis (4/24)
ABA Says Adding Funds to Small Business Administration Program is Not Enough (4/24)
As COVID-19 Crisis Lingers U.S. Motorcoach Industry Seeing Devastating Losses (4/27)
America’s Motorcoach Industry Will Descend on Washington, D.C. on May 13 for a Rally for Awareness (5/7)
ABA Thanks House for Helping the Industry, But More Needs to be Done (5/12)
Peter Pantuso Letter to Membership on Motorcoach Rally (5/14)
ABA Thanks Congressional Supporters Committed to Helping the Industry Survive COVID-19 Pandemic (5/18)
ABA Signs on to Fix PPP Small Business Coalition Letter to Congress and Administration (5/21)
ABA Appreciates the House Taking Further Action to Assist Small Businesses But More Needs to be Done (5/28)
Peter Pantuso Letter to Membership on ABA Working For You (6/11)
ABA Foundation Report Says Industry Still Losing Money as Travel Restrictions Ease (6/16)
New ABA Foundation Report Estimates Industry Losing $11 Billion Despite Easing Travel Restrictions (6/19)
ABA Releases The Motorcoach Industry’s Sample Policies for Post-Pandemic Cleanliness and Safety Protocols Report (6/22)
Tell Your Senators to Support and Co-Sponsor S. 4150, the CERTS Act (7/2)
Associations Come Together to Urge Congress to Support CERTS Act (7/10)
ABA Welcomes House Bill to Help Decimated Industry (7/16)
ABA Women in Buses Council and BUSRide Magazine Create eBook Letters to Congress (7/20)
New Report Details Motorcoach Industry’s Dire Situation (8/10)
Motorcoach Industry Thanks Sen. Susan Collins for Leadership in Efforts to Save Industry (8/20)
As Hurricane Laura Barrels Toward Gulf, Motorcoaches Mobilize to Evacuate Citizens (8/25)
ABA, CERTS Act Coalition Members Send Letter to Pres. Trump’s Chief of Staff (8/27/)
Death of an Industry (9/11)
ABA Legislative Update on the CERTS Act (9/15)
Motorcoach Industry Asks Congress to Give Financial Assistance to Industries that Have Yet to be Helped (9/22)
Majority of Senate Supports CERTS Act to Help Decimated Motorcoach Industry (9/23)
Motorcoach Industry Stunned that House Bill Once Again Ignores the Industry (9/29)
ABA Joins COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition, Calls on Congress to Pass Relief before Leaving for Elections (9/30)
Isn’t It Supposed to be a Numbers Game? (10/9)
Politicians Need Buses, But Congress Has Left Us Stalled (10/14)
Industry Advocates Question Why CERTS Act is Being Ignored (10/22)
Transportation Coalition Partners Thank California Delegation for Support of CERTS Act (11/17)
ABA Applauds Bipartisan, Bicameral Group for Working Together to Provide Additional COVID Relief  (12/1)
ABA Seeks High-Priority COVID-19 Vaccine Access for Motorcoach Drivers (12/4)
Member Alert: We Need You to Tell Congress to Preserve the $8 Billion for Our Industry (12/7)
ABA President to Testify on Capitol Hill about the Decimation of Bus and Live Entertainment Industry (12/14)
Contact Your Congressional Delegation and Ask Them to Support Bipartisan Relief Bill Released Today (12/14)
ABA Releases 2020 Motorcoach Industry Closure Data (12/15)