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ABA Sends Letter to President Trump Urging Help for Group Travel and Tourism Industry (3/10)
ABA Sends Letter to Congress Urging Help for the Group Travel and Tourism Industry (3/10)
Travel Leaders Echo Experts: Make Fact-Based Decisions About Traveling (3/10)
ABA Testimony for the Record to the Small Business Committee Hearing about the Effect of COVID-19 on Businesses (3/11)
ABA Holds Conference Call/Webinar on COVID-19 and the Effect on the Motorcoach, Group Travel and Tourism Industry (slides) (3/11)
View the Recording of the ABA Webinar (3/11)
Peter Pantuso’s Letter to ABA Members: We are Here for You (3/13)
ABA Statement: Don’t Ignore a Major Strategic Part of the Transportation Industry (3/16)
ABA Says Industry Will Lose $8 Billion during Next Five Months (3/17)
ABA Joins Essential Services Community’s Call Protect Businesses to Continue Operations (3/18)
ABA and UMA Join Together to Call on Congress to Act Immediately (3/18)
ABA Meets with 10 Industry Associations to Call on Congress for Action (3/19)
Springtime Looks Different This Year in DC (3/19)
When Disaster Strikes There May be No One Left to Help (3/22)
ABA-UMA White Paper on the Motorcoach Industry (3/22)
The Startling Economic Facts about the Motorcoach, Group Tour and Travel Industry (3/23)
ABA Applauds Trump Administration for Delaying Real ID Deadline (3/24)
ABA Hold All-Member Call Regarding Congressional Actions on COVID-19 (3/25)
View the Recording of ABA’s Webinar on Congressional Actions on COVID-19 (3/25)
ABA Applauds Congress on Relief, but They Missed the Bus (3/27)
ABA Letter to Governors Asking for Help in Getting Industry Economic Relief  (4/2)
ABA-UMA State Association Leadership Conference Call (4/14)
ABA All-Member Call Regarding Association Actions on Capitol Hill (4/15)
Recording of ABA All-Member Call Regarding Association Actions on Capitol Hill (4/15)
Reps. Neal, DeFazio Urge Trump Administration to Support Motorcoach Industry amid COVID-19 Crisis (4/24)
ABA Says Adding Funds to Small Business Administration Program is Not Enough (4/24)
As COVID-19 Crisis Lingers U.S. Motorcoach Industry Seeing Devastating Losses (4/27)
America’s Motorcoach Industry Will Descend on Washington, D.C. on May 13 for a Rally for Awareness (5/7)
ABA Thanks House for Helping the Industry, But More Needs to be Done (5/12)
Peter Pantuso Letter to Membership on Motorcoach Rally (5/14)
ABA Thanks Congressional Supporters Committed to Helping the Industry Survive COVID-19 Pandemic (5/18)
ABA Signs on to Fix PPP Small Business Coalition Letter to Congress and Administration (5/21)
ABA Appreciates the House Taking Further Action to Assist Small Businesses But More Needs to be Done (5/28)
Peter Pantuso Letter to Membership on ABA Working For You (6/11)
New ABA Foundation Report Estimates Industry Losing $11 Billion Despite Easing Travel Restrictions (6/19)
ABA Releases The Motorcoach Industry’s Sample Policies for Post-Pandemic Cleanliness and Safety Protocols Report (6/22)
Tell Your Senators to Support and Co-Sponsor S. 4150, the CERTS Act (7/2)
Associations Come Together to Urge Congress to Support CERTS Act (7/10)
ABA Welcomes House Bill to Help Decimated Industry (7/16)
ABA Women in Buses Council and BUSRide Magazine Create eBook Letters to Congress (7/20)