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NOW Is the Time to Act: Contact These Senators Who Want to Give Another $25 BILLION to Airlines but Don’t Mention the Motorcoach Industry

We are down to the wire on trying to convince Congress to save our industry. We need every member of Congress ready and willing to fight for our industry to stay alive. So far we have 25 percent of the Senate signed up as co-sponsors for the CERTS Act.

These 16 senators have asked Senate leadership to give ANOTHER $25 BILLION to the airlines, which had already received $50 BILLION in the CARES Act. We need them to make the same request for our industry!

We need every single one of you to email these senators today. It does not matter if you are not from their state. They need to hear from the entire motorcoach industry. They need to know that we cannot fail because if we do MILLIONS of Americans, many of their own constituents, will lose access to affordable and reliable transportation. The motorcoach industry moves ALL Americans, from every walk of life and economic background.

Please copy and paste the email below and send it to the 16 offices (see list of contacts here) today.

Dear Senator –

I see where you signed a letter in support of more funding for the airline industry, and I ask you now to also stand up for the U.S. motorcoach industry and my business, and ask for financial help for motorcoach operators. Congress continues to overlook the need for motorcoach transportation, in other words, the transportation that serves ALL Americans from every walk of life and every economic background.

The deal on the next legislative economic package for coronavirus relief will likely be set by the end of this week. I need you to contact Senate Leadership now and push for inclusion of financial aid to the motorcoach industry, like the airlines. Please do not overlook us again.

We provide essential service: we move people to work, connect rural communities to necessary services, provide transportation for schools, evacuate vulnerable people out of harms ways – including members of the U.S. Congress, and have stepped up during this pandemic to bring necessary medical and cleaning personnel to hotspots.

Please save our industry by supporting inclusion of financial aid for the motorcoach industry in this next relief package. Please contact Senate Leadership now. Motorcoach companies are closing daily and I do not want mine to be next.

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Every member of Congress, House of Representatives and Senate, needs to hear your voice and how you and your company have been impacted.

ABA developed a template letter that you can use to email your Representatives and Senators:

Click HERE for a Motorcoach Operator letter or email template. (updated 7/6)

Click HERE for a Vendor and Supplier letter or email template. (updated 7/6)

You can find your Representatives’ contact details HERE.

You can find your Senators’ contact details HERE.


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